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High Mileage or low mileage S3, which one to go for?

openside Feb 15, 2011

  1. openside

    openside New Member

    Hi guys finally on the lookout at the end of the month for an S3. Budget is 6.5k max, which would get me a 02 plate 80k miles and under with FSH, or an 01/02 plate with FSH with upto 110k miles for around 5k. Would you go for the max budget and have little left over in the bank(maybe just enough for a remap) or go for the higher miles with more cash in the bank for remap, repairs etc?
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. CHRIS555

    CHRIS555 DOPE with added OCD

    Always favour lower mileage examples that have been looked after.

    Should you get an higher mileage example it may not lend itself to modifications very well - for example parts of the engine will be quite worn and having a remap would really stress them out. Don't get me wrong, there are some superb high milers out there but your in a beautiful situation where you have the money so you choose - treat your car like a women - do you want the cute lady or the local bike!

    Best of luck!
  3. Dane

    Dane Had an 8L S3, a B5 RS4 now I have a B8 S4

    80K, it would take me 3 years to add the extra 30k on.
  4. openside

    openside New Member

    Yeah, thats what im thinking, i only do about 10k a year. Resale value is also worth considering.
  5. mikeyg

    mikeyg Member

    Personally if i had the money i would take the lower mileage option for sure.
  6. Dane

    Dane Had an 8L S3, a B5 RS4 now I have a B8 S4

    30K extra is almost half as much mileage again from the 80K one - as Chris says just make sure it's been well look after.
  7. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    It all depends on the type of miles too! My car had covered mainly motorway milage which meant the turbo and clutch were fine. Since i've owned it ive spent money on every imaginable little bit that needed doing. When I had my last service the garage said that they have seen cars with less than half the milage of mine in worse condition.
  8. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    You may also find an 80k newer car is in worse condition than the higher mileage one, so it depends in the car itself rather than miles, obv a lower mile newer one is best as certain components won't be as worn but a well treated older higher one way be better in the long run if its been well treated. Just don't let the mileage decide for you, that's the wrong way to go about it with these cars.
    I would much rather have a 100+k car that's been treated to suspension or full bushes or well documented services and maintenence than a car with 80k that's had none of that, any day!
    Remember these engines and gearboxs are so good fir high miles and feel so tight compared to other cars, its bushes, suspension, rubber bits, servicing that it should be decided on. Most cars you'l come across will have had the necessary clutch, cambelt work done without fail, the other things above should be the deciding factors, personally. Happy car hunting. :)
  9. JS1500

    JS1500 Howdy

    Like Westle says, if the high mileage one has done most of it's miles on a motorway and the low mileage one has done frequent short trips... the high mileage car might prove less hassle in the future.
    Also, if high mileage car has had all it's bushes done, lots of parts replaced more recently then that's something to take into account. The low miler could still be on all-original parts and you might be the unlucky one who has to replace them!

    Personally, I go on a case-by-case basis. Check all the paperwork and get one that has clearly been looked after with no expense spared.
    I got mine on 67K miles and made sure it had been well looked after by checking through all the receipts. It felt tight as a drum on the test drive, and it still does now.
  10. finesse

    finesse Active Member

    as above + if resale value is a major factor

    I increase your budget by 240 & buy a vagcom lead to scan the potential car for errors

    find one with :

    full history with belt + tensioner + damper, atleast. 2 haldex services, oil /filters/plugs / brake fluid change

    suspension change, as the are ****

  11. thegoal007

    thegoal007 Another S3 owner....

    Just make sure you have someone with you to do a proper inspection on both cars (and see them both!) and base your decision on what the results are regardless of the mileage.

    Unless you have a specific personal reason for choosing low or high mileage vehicle then take the above results into consideration. I wanted a higher milegae car, knowing I was only covering about 1-3K a year.

    As everyone has said and I also re-iterate mileage is not the b all and end all. Same goes with service history - they are all indicators to make you feel like you are going to see a good car, but base your decision on the findings once the car has been inspected.
  12. Also, consider that most cars have their big services at around 80k, and multiples thereof, so a low mileage car at 65k-70k could well be up for a big rochambo in a few miles, whereas the 100k would already have been paid a visit by the cock-knocker.
  13. marcuss3

    marcuss3 Member

    IMO at 80k+ you've got to buy on condition, and if a private seller if they are an enthusiast. I always check the tyres, if they're all matching and a quality brand all the merrier.

    I bought my S3 at 120k, one anorak owner from new - oil every 10k, haldex every 20k, cambelt at 60k, etc. So far I've had a precautionary cambelt change, clutch (and flywheel), haldex, full service and some bushes. A lot of work, but knew it needed this when I bought it - at least I know it's all been done. I intend keeping it for some time - I like a rare car - I haven't seen another in the 4 months I've had it.

    Just need to find a replacement Xenon as the n/s is broken internally - didn't spot that on the test drive! Oh, and a coil pack went today...nice.
  14. openside

    openside New Member

    Thanks guys for all your sound advice. Cant wait to get my hands on one now!! Lots of travelling invloved as there's none near me(which is a good thing). Will have to keep my eyes open.......and my wallet!
  15. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

  16. openside

    openside New Member

    Right price, wrong colour unfortunately. Looking for nogaro, grey or black.

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