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High level brake light

Jackson_a3 Mar 16, 2014

  1. Jackson_a3

    Jackson_a3 Member

    Hi guys,

    Have tried the search on here but to no avail...

    Stupid question = how do I change one of the bulbs in the high level brake light at the top of the boot? Have had a pole around but can't seem to get at it?

    Thanks in advance
  2. JimS3

    JimS3 Active Member

    Pull the plastic trim away from the top of the boot lid, need to be firm with it. You can then see the light unit, it is only held in with a single screw at one end, the other end slots out.

    Assuming you have the older style one with bulbs instead of LEDs, then it is easy to replace the bulds when its removed from the car.

    The bulbs you need are T1.1/2 wedge, 12v, 2.1w. They look like a mini side light wedge bulb.
  3. Jackson_a3

    Jackson_a3 Member

    Thanks very much, all sorted!

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