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HIgh Beam Question

qA4Blake Aug 10, 2004

  1. qA4Blake

    qA4Blake New Member

    Has anyone ever had problems with their high-beam lever? When you push mine forward, it stays locked, but nothing happens. Yet when you pull it back, they come on, but you have to hold it back for them to stay on. I believe a wire is cut or loose somewhere in the setup. Any thoughts?
  2. NxJxHxCedge

    NxJxHxCedge New Member

    do your regular headlights work when you turn the switch to the 'on' position??
    cause i have the same problem only when i turn my lights to the on position they dont work.
    ive been told its the headlight switch that is bad and needs to be changed.
    but im low on cash so til then its only day driving for me.

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