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Hidden Gems A6 c7 ..from another site .

offset Apr 29, 2014

  1. offset

    offset New Member

    [TABLE="width: 100%"]
    [TD="width: 100%"]Here's a list of some of the interesting C7 things that many owners may or may not have been aware of gleamed from the Forums. Some of these are not documented in the manual or are there but either buried, not well explained or often overlooked.

    Feel free to suggest more of your own and if they're good ones, I'll add them to this master list. If possible, please, let's not turn this into a complaint thread or things Audi coulda', shoulda' done.

    1. Under seat storage compartments; good for compact umbrellas, small flashlights and such.

    2. Air conditioned open/close vent in the glove box that can be opened or closed; good for keeping a bottle of something cool in the summer. (Not found in all trims apparently).

    3. Extendable visors; useful for blocking the sun through the [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]side [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]windows[/FONT][/FONT].

    4. Spring loaded Trunk T-hooks; good for hanging bags, dry cleaning hangers from the inside trunk roof or raising the cargo net (if you have one) to help secure [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]larger [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]items[/FONT][/FONT].

    5. Bottle rest in the doors; great for keeping a bottle available at your finger tips

    6. Plastic clips in the glove box; good for a pen and pad, registration and insurance card, tire gauge, bar drink umbrella, etc.

    7. One touch sunroof; hit it once and it opens almost all the way. Hit it again to go the last couple of inches. Closes the same with one touch. Same for sunroof tilt (you can alternatively push up or pull down once on the switch for tilt).

    8. Engine shut off with driver door open; (not really a gem per se but more of an irritating "feature" to some). On initial 2013 models at least with 0566 MMI software, it can be overridden by the dealer with a TSB software fix.

    9. Auto shut off fan; if you press the the fan button after you turn the car off, the fan will continue to run to keep the warm or cool air circulating for a few minutes before shutting off. (Press fan button until temp readout appears, wait 5 seconds or so for fans to operate); uses residual air in the system to blow cool or warm air.

    10. Wiper service position; definitely in the manual but often overlooked; saves the wiper arms from damaging the paint on the hood when the arms are lifted for cleaning or replacing blades.

    11. ACC MMI setting ([FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]Auto [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]Cruise[/FONT][/FONT] Control); for those that have it, the rate at which the following speed changes can be set in the MMI Individual settings. Comfort allows the car to take longer to maintain the DIS distance stalk setting and Dynamic allows for a faster response.

    12. Dynamic/Comfort vs Sport shifter mode; not a Gem but worth mentioning as the manual doesn't say; [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]Sport [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]mode[/FONT][/FONT] provides the same transmission gear and throttle mapping as the ADS Dynamic setting. Placing the shifter in Sport overrides the MMI Comfort setting.

    13. Steering wheel paddles; for those that have a [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]Sport [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]package[/FONT][/FONT], the paddles will override the Auto transmission modes and the selected gear will remain in place until either a paddle is pulled to a different gear or after a short period of steady state speed, the manual mode will automatically revert back to the previously set Auto transmission modes (D or S). This is nice when you just want to downshift and then resume in auto. This is different than when in manual mode on the console shifter which will not return to Auto mode without moving the shifter back to D or S.

    14. Nav Street View in Google Earth; for those with at least 0566 MMI software, you can enter Street View by zooming in the MMI selector **** closer than 30' if you see a small orange person icon on the MMI screen. The car must be standing still to view it. Street view of destination near arrival location (if available) will show on MMI screen (MMI 0609 or higher).

    15. The hook in the trunk can be used to hold up the trunk floor, facilitating access to the spare tire compartment.

    16. The passenger side mirror tilts in reverse. Note that adjusting it while in reverse, sets that as the new tilt position anytime the vehicle is in reverse.

    17. Nav displays street view image when approaching the destination (MMI version 0609 and above).

    18. In manual paddle or shifter mode, tap down once on the shifter to quickly get back to last Auto mode selected (D or S).

    19. Pull down on the console shifter from the paddle manual mode to toggle back to the last Auto mode, D or S.

    20. The ebrake can be an effective hill holder: Manually set the ebrake while in gear and take foot off the brake. When the accelerator is hit, the ebrake will auto release (assuming seat belt is fastened). Works in Drive and Reverse.

    20a. Also
    : "Hill Hold Lite" - when facing up a steep hill if in drive and brake is depressed, when released, the brakes stay engaged for about 2 seconds, preventing roll-back to allow time to step on the gas.

    21. Stop/Start Brake Pedal Action. For North American 2013 C7 owners and some ROW. Whenever the start/stop function is activate, the auto-stop feature can be modulated by how hard the brake pedal is pressed. Light pressure: the engine stays on, heavy pressure: the engine turns off

    22. Power folding side mirrors - (if equipped), if you fold them in using the mirror control **** when stopped and drive off, they will stay folded in regardless of speed until you turn the control **** back to another position. If you try to fold in the mirrors above a certain speed (29 mph?), they will not fold until you slow down to the threshold speed.

    23. ACC (Automatic Cruise Control - The first speed you set does not need to fit the required 2.5 mph increment settings. For example, When you get on a highway with speed limit 65, take the car up to 74 then set the ACC and it will be set at 74. Changing will fall back to the 2.5 mph increments.
    Also, ACC sensitivity can be set in the ADS Individual Mode; the "Comfort" setting will cause the ACC acceleration to react more slowly to a followed car's speed changes than the "Dynamic" setting.

    24. Open Door Chime defeat - click an arrow button of the DIS control (steering wheel left side). Only works if you open the door first before hitting the button and is only a single use.

    25. MMI Reset/Reboot - not really a "gem" per se (more like a "tip") but can solve various MMI glitches. Simultaneously press "Menu"+Selector ****+Upper right function button. Screen goes down, goes up and reboots (takes a minute or two to reload) and doesn't seem to erase any previous settings. This can sometimes solve problems, i.e. my Audi Connect wouldn't get to the internet in any function even though the connection showed excellent. I rebooted the MMI and all was working again. The MMI is a computer and like PCs, it can get "confused" from time to time.

    26. Radio Station Touch Pad Presets - You can assign a radio station to a number (1 - 6) on the touchpad without going through the MMI preset screen.
    - Tune to the radio station.
    - Touch and hold the desired number on the touchpad.
    - Wait for the short beep. Station is now assigned.
    Additionally, if you want to move a preset to another number, (ie. move the station assigned to touchpad 1 to touchpad 4), simply touch 1 and slide it to 4.

    27. [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]Trunk [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]lid[/FONT][/FONT] - If your key fob is left in the trunk, the lid will not latch. (The same if you leave the fob in the car - it can't be locked by pressing the advanced key door button).

    28. Radio band select - repeatedly pressing the "Radio" button on the center console will cycle between FM, AM, and Sirius - no need to select "Band" and use the large MMI ****.

    29. Auto door locking - if you lock the car with either the key fob or door button and accidentally unlock it before you walk off, if you don't open the door, the car will automatically lock again after a short time. Nice security feature.

    30. HVAC Fan - for those with the Four Zone [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]Climate [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]Control[/FONT][/FONT] (digital controls), after you turn off the engine, if you press and hold the fan button until the temp display comes back on, after more few seconds, the fan will automatically restart and continue to circulate cool (or warm) air for a period of time (at least 10 minutes or so). This is a nice feature if you are going to be back in a short time - the car will be cooler (or warmer) due to circulation of the residual air temp left in the system. Be aware, this may generate a false intermittent fault in the HVAC module if you run a VCDS scan as it thinks the button is sticking (no alert light). No harm is done though as it is a hidden feature. (We figured this out with an Audi service tech).

    31. Fuel door - if the car doors are locked, the fuel access door cannot be opened. Presumably a [FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]safety [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]feature[/FONT][/FONT] and gas theft deterrent.

    32. Advanced key door handles - After you lock your car the inner touch sensors on the outer handles are disabled for several seconds specifically so you can pull on the handle to confirm the door is locked.

    33. Wipers Service Position - if you want to leave your wipers up in the service position when leaving your car outside in the winter, turn off the engine and pull down on the wiper stalk one time before opening the door. When returning and after removing the ice and snow, start the car and set the wiper stalk to any position to return them to the normal position.[/TD]
  2. Jeeves

    Jeeves quattronly

    I like #12 and use this to good effect with the Drive Select option where I have customised my Individual setting to have dynamic steering and dynamic suspension, but either auto or eco gearbox (can't remember which). Fully dynamic mode is invoked as needed with a quick change from D▶S.

    Not so sure about the validity of #31 as I can't remember a VAG car without it!
  3. woollyjoe

    woollyjoe Active Member

    number 32 doesn't work I'm afraid - I can even confuse the car by touching both at same time. This is same on other models. The fan thing is good though, as is the open door chime defeat button.
  4. elan2s

    elan2s Active Member

    The original post for this relates to a US spec so there may be differences for cars in other markets.

    #2 not offered in the UK
    #9 and #30 are the same thing and it only applies if you have 4 zone AC.
    #21 only applies to cars with auto transmission (or any flavour) since on manual cars it is the clutch that controls the stop-start
  5. DaveW

    DaveW Active Member

    Has anyone tried #16? Will have a go today if I remember to.
  6. DaveW

    DaveW Active Member

    Didn't wok on mine - maybe you need a comfort pack?
  7. elan2s

    elan2s Active Member

    Officially you need memory seats to get this on the A6, however there is no real reason for it and it can be activated for cars without memory seats via a simple change using VCDS
  8. Superdoug

    Superdoug Member VCDS Map User

    With regards to #16. Found this;

    Enabling reverse mirror tilt on cars without memory seats: Go to module 52 Door Elect, Pass., Long Coding, Byte 4. If the byte has value 50 (cars with folding or folding/dimming mirrors), change it to 5C. Afterwards when reversing and the mirror **** is in passenger position the passenger side mirror will tilt while on reverse.
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