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HID problems

Irish EK Jul 8, 2012

  1. Irish EK

    Irish EK Member

    i ordered a set of 6000k HID's from hids4u.co.uk a few weeks ago and had them fitted over the weekend. they were supposed to be error free bulbs with an extra option for bulbs that were specifically designed for reflector headlights. total cost for 6000k HID canbus with reflector bulb was nearly £170. expensive.

    had them on in the dark for the first time last night and i am extremely disappointed with them. the light itself does not look like other HID's, it is very close in colour to standard bulb (yellowy), the light output is terrible (it is nearly worse than halogen bulbs that were in it - about 15m visibilty) and what light there is there is very patchy. and yes they are focused correctly. i am going contacting the company tomorrow but does anyone have any ideas what the problem is.

    i had HID's in an integra type r before that cost £60 and they were 100 times better. does anyone recommned HID's for standard headlights.

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