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Hid kit on fog lights audi a4 2012 | installation and pictures

jeanlegro Mar 13, 2012

  1. jeanlegro

    jeanlegro New Member

    I just installed hids for my fog lights on my white Audi a4 2012. FIrst of all, the hid kit that I installed is a 55w canbus 8000k. Installation is easy and should take you max 30 minutes to complete the installation. Behind the bumper, where the wheels are, you need to remove the 2 screws and then you can directly get your hand to the fog lights. Once you reach the bulb installation take 5 minutes. You connect the hid kit together and the you connect the hid kit to the factory harness. My hid kit cost me 110$ shipping included and the kit also come with a lifetime warranty. I attach some picture of my xenon lights on my fog lights. If anyone have any question on the installation or where i got my hid kit..... PM ME
    i took 4 pictures late last night:

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