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HID headlights AfterMarket - Wiper motor - Helping hand to others outthere

reishill Jul 19, 2013

  1. reishill

    reishill New Member

    Hi guys,
    I'm just saying the next few words to help with search engine optimisation in hope it will reach peopel because they buy HID's

    HID, Aftermarket, Audi A3 HID, Lights, Xenons, HID Xenon, Headlight Conversion Kits, HID4U, high intensity discharge. window wipers, motor, window wiper motor, 8p

    Don't get them as they blow your wiper motor or more, make sure your 100% sure they fit your car before you buy them, do research on your car before you buy HID's.

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]HID's can blow your ECU and cause a load of other problems if there not fully compatible.

    If your unlucky and you find out a little to late like I recently did dont worry... to much.
    They are an easy DIY job, with a little bit of research you know what to do.

    I made the mistake of calling europarts and giving my car reg and they gave me a model number that I needed. Turns out theyu gave me the wrong one so make sure you check your own car before buying anything. After all your not going to be using your wipers so just take the motor out for now.

    ( it is illegal to drive around with window wipers so I'm not being liable for anything said in this thread, you make your own choses to do so - this includes DIY )

    I'm giving out my email address for any questions and ill post the answers on here if I do get any emails.

    So email is your window wipers dont work and you have recently installed HID's. I'll talk you through the process and what parts that you might not expect. although it is pretty straight forward. second hand parts off ebay and breakers are the way to go.
    Audi quoted me £210 just for a motor, I brought the motor and linkage for £70 and managed to get a refund from the HID's.

    Hope you see this thread in time!


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