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hid conversion?

allroadstu Jan 25, 2011

  1. allroadstu

    allroadstu New Member

    hi everyone and how are we all doin?ive just recently bought a allroad 2002 (nice big beast lol) and would like to change to xenons but as there branded illegal(the kits that is) and certain xenon bulbs and kits are the wrong ones or will cause glare im unsure what todo. has anyone put xenon hid conversion kits in or the xenon bulb packs on the allroads? i can get xenon headlights?(complete headlight) which are from the c6 newer version of my allroad but will they fit and at £269 each plus fitting quite expensive.
    any help comments would be greatful
  2. C5 A6's were factory fitted with HID's as an option (mine has them)

    To legally retrofit them would be V difficult/expensive, as you need the xenon headlight inc ballast pack, front and rear level sensors, headlight washers (legal requirement) not to mention a load of wiring and VCDS programming. but not impossible.

    The dodgy way is to get an ebay xenon kit from china for £60 and that just replaces the bulbs but is completely illegal and won't give a proper light pattern through a lense designed for a halogen bulb. sorry but that's the way it is.
  3. bakili

    bakili New Member

    Hi, i am new here.
    I had aftermarket HID fitted to my passat, and had them without any issues. I had 6000k bright kit on and worked well with passat projector lights.
    As i been reading on other forums, from this year aftermarket HIDs will be MOT failure, unless fitted to projector lights.
    I belive C5, has projector lights fitted as standard. My current C6 has normal hallogen lights, so after market HIDs will be no good.
  4. they may have worked well for you but i bet they dazzled every other f@#ker driving towards you!

    The whole point of all the legal requirements for factory HID is because they are incredibly bright and
    1. Will dazzle if they don't auto-adjust with the level sensors
    2. If the headlights are dirty the light will get refracted and dazzle (hence washers)
    3. If you have a crash or cause 1 because of the above then your insurance will be null and void

    your call:busted_cop:
  5. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    The allroad has the xenon leveling controller from factory(its used by the self leveling suspension) and the genuine c5 audi a6 HID headlights will plug right in- been there done just that !This is mine with the a6 conversion
  6. Jay A

    Jay A Jay a

    Hi just a question to last post I bought some a6 c5 xeonon head lights pluged them in and worked perfectly and was realy pleased however when I fitted them there was a gap bettween the light and the bonnet, which the glass front seems to be wider on a allroad than normal a6 how did you get round this can you change the internals of the headlight or did you change the glass ?
    I already have the washer jets in and as above the auto levelling could do with some advice on this one please
    cheers in advance
  7. Jay A

    Jay A Jay a

    image.jpg Just a quick pic of the new lights I'm struggling with
  8. Jay A

    Jay A Jay a

    Ok just a up date I am now hearing that its not a good idea to change electrics inside the lamps over as the standard halogen lamp of the allroad the projectors are made of a different plastic and most likely melt anyone have any suggestions
  9. Bansheemax

    Bansheemax New Member

    Running a 5k kit in my AR, as the genuine headlamps 2nd hand are stupid money.
    No issues with melted lenses, and beam pattern is no issue, nice clean halogen pattern.
    If your worried you'll dazzle, manually adjust a touch lower.

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