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hid conversion kits

audialltheway08 Jan 14, 2008

  1. audialltheway08

    audialltheway08 New Member

    hey all, what is your take on these hid conversion kits ? id love to order one but am not sure which kelvin value to go with and whether or not i really need to get projectors or not. thanks :rockwoot:
  2. macattax

    macattax Member

    Welcome to the forum mate you will learn a lot here if you read through the posts.
    You should really use the search function as this was totally covered before christmas HERE and HERE
    Please read through them posts and try to use search as thats what its there for after all.

    I got mine from china from a factory outlet where most of these kits come from for very little money. They sell on ebay have a look HERE

    Good luck.
  3. jonnya

    jonnya Member

    And remember, if you aren't replacing HID's what you are doing is,
    technically, illegal.

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