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  1. MLJ

    MLJ New Member

    Hi everyone, just picked up a A4 (B6 I think) 1.9tdi as a daily car while other car is off the road as a project. I'm used to forums with my other car so looking forward to joining in and being part of the community. Although its a daily car no doubt it will receive a whole host of upgrades still! It was a impulse purchase and happened within about an hour of deciding I need a daily car which is very unlike me. I know its the 130hp modle but a bit unsure of the spec, can anyone help with it?

    Quick picture of it from the dealers website as I dont have it yet.


    Plans are wheels, coilovers, slight bit of cleaning up (badges etc) and then something with the bumpers, it will be OEM but I'm unsure what the options are at the moment.

    Thanks, Michael

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