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hi to all from two in midlands

nikki51 Jan 23, 2013

  1. nikki51

    nikki51 New Member

    hi all,
    about two weeks ago the other half wanted a cheaper to run car than our 2.3 galaxy so that has gone and we bought "nikki"
    she is a 1.6 a3 lowered and on 18" iroc's in grey now i hate audi's im a landrover guy born and bred but nikki has me converted!
    now last week a mishap with a kerb in the snow has bent a wishbone and the coilover leg ouch!! so a week or two off the road
    now a mate of mine liked it alot too so he has decided to sell his rangerover 4.6 and has already purchased a 1.8t a3 very cheap was on ebay but guy let him have it for 275 quid engine smoked badly and he just wanted gone turns out it seems to be the turbo is dead but that wont break the bank see my profile pic of nikki and pics of his to follow so not just one hello but TWO! we will keep you upto date with plans on them both ! :)

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