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Hi, New RS4 Owner from Devon.

AdeD01 Dec 29, 2011

  1. AdeD01

    AdeD01 New Member


    I was lucky enough to land a mint and fully loaded B7 RS4 just before Xmas and am keen to mix with like minded peeps and learn a little about the car itself. Had a fair few fast cars in my time (I'm 39 in a few days time) including a modded S3. Current fleet include my RS4 (obviously) a Porsche 996 C4 with GT3 kit, lowered and sitting on 20" rims :), a 2008 Honda Civic Type R (currently selling) and my wife's Mini Cooper Works Convertible (possibly selling v soon)..

    My intentions are to keep the RS4 standard but as the wife will tell you this rarely happens, i could maybe be tempted with some nice rims at some stage and i hear Tubi's sound nice..... hmm, got me thinking already lol..

    Here's a pic, i know the previous owner was active on some Audi forums so a few of you may recognise it :)


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