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HI - hopefully getting an Audi!

oscar1985 Dec 1, 2008

  1. oscar1985

    oscar1985 New Member


    I've posted in the Welcome section but thought this section might be appropriate for my query.

    I've joined here to get a bit of advice and to seek opinion and an Audi A6 2.7T Quattro Sport Avant that I have seen for sale. This is it here....


    What sort of money do you think it should be going for? I've seen a couple of newer ones but with similar mileage be advertised for over £5k!!

    I have never owned an Audi but fancy a big comfy estate and this one has caught my eye, its reasonably local as well and appears to have a documented, cared for history.

    Cheers in advance

  2. votblindub

    votblindub Member

    i drive an 03 2.7T and LOVING it even daily driving it to work. its a nice car overall and can be tuned.

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