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Hi guys need some advice with my gearbox situation!!!!!

Haglos Aug 9, 2010

  1. Haglos

    Haglos jabba mapped

    ive seen this gearbox which is the same code as mine which i want to buy but i just wanted to confirm that this is what i will need.
    My problem is while in neutral the car is stuck in a gear so when i try to select another gear it just stalls. With this box my car has always crunched gears really bad so it was on its lasts legs!! when it gave up i lost 3rd and 4th gear but could use the rest so just some advice please i was gonna buy this box and then get the rivets changed to nut and bolt as ive heard on here so that problem wont arise again.
    here is the box is this all ill need?????? thanks in advance for your help
    if i buy this i get a 30 day warranty


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