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Hi guys bought a audi with blown engine BLB?? what are replacements

gavbey Apr 21, 2014

  1. gavbey

    gavbey Member

    Hi guys,

    After selling my old B5 i missed the Audi A4 so ive bought another... But this one is a B7

    I bought this one for cheap because the engine has blown. supposedly balance shaft failure and timingbelt?

    The car is early 2005 2.0TDI BLB engine code.

    I will be buying another engine and replacing the blown one. I will b doing all the work myself however after reading up on some threads the BLB engine seems to be a bit of a hit and miss.

    What im wondering is What other engines would work as a replacement? is there an upgraded oil pump? if i were to get a 170 engine would the turbo / manifolds etc all work with the 170 block if my engine is a 140?

    Is there anything i should do while the engine is out? mounts? as i plan on keeping it for a long time.

    Any help would be appreciated guys

    Thank you in Advance
  2. gavbey

    gavbey Member

    i should also add im handy with VCDS if need be.

    What codes can be used BKD engine? any 2.0tdi engine? golf? scoda? audi?

    Thanks Again
  3. stevegrass777

    stevegrass777 Member

    You could just get yours reconditioned or repaired here Home - AW ENGINEERING
    And ask them to get rid of the balancer shaft oil pump for the old 1.9 oil pump.(I think they do this anyway).
    The trouble with using another engine code is,dpf,ecu,immobilizer.
    And good blb's are hard to come by and still need work on the oil pump to make them reliable.
    I think the block is pretty standard and probably interchangeable but the cam set up and injectors might be different for dpf.
    Also I know someone who swapped stuff about and had to change the crank sensor ring to get it run as some are different. ( This was on a older engine)
    So swapping about can get complicated.
  4. gavbey

    gavbey Member


    Perfect thanks for the reply. ill have a look into them.

    i dont think mine had DPF but ecu and imobilizer wouldnt be a problem as i have VCDS and coding imobs and ecu is a 2 second job.
    1.9 oilpump.. hmmm that might be a modification i could do myself.. ill have a look into it. ahh yes i know what you mean about the head. am i right in saying VAG cars increase the timing to incresase exhaust temp to help burn off the soot from DPF?

    It look like a cheaper option going for another 2.0tdi code as the BLB's Seem quite exspensie.

    I think i need to read more into it.

    Like i say thanks you for getting back intouch.
    Anymore info is always welcome.
  5. gavbey

    gavbey Member

    so after a few hours researching am i right in saying the BKD engine comes with gear driven AND no ballance shafts?

    would it be a case of swapping the block and head for my BLB one? it certanly looks that way?

    from what i gather the geared version is stronger HOWEVER the geared version still has the problem with the ballancer shaft key!

    the BKD has gear driven and no ballancer....

    any advice?
  6. gavbey

    gavbey Member


    BKD,AZV and BMN have NO ballancing shaft so i will be going for one of these engines.

    im just looking for a bit of conformation if they will physicaly fit to the existing longulated transmition?

    Also Would i need to run the same ecu as the engines? or could my BLB ECU work?

    Id like to get this sorted for other people to see as No body seems to have an answer as to what engine can be used as a replacement.

    Im not going for Gear conversion and still have a balance shaft as its always going to have a weak point. these engines run a similar set-up to the old 1.9TDI's which will do me just fine

    Cheers Guys
  7. Richym

    Richym New Member

    how are you getting on with this?

    I'm looking to do the same.

    I've got the bkd engine,

    do you know if the wiring looms are the same?
  8. gavbey

    gavbey Member

    Hi there buddy.

    Yes the bkd engine is In. I had to swap the sump. Modify the oil pickup swap rocker cover and the rest just fitted as per usual. Oh and I also fitted a flywheel spigot needle bearing as the engine I got never came with one

    I also fitted a timingbelt and waterpunp to the new engine.

    It runs fine so far and has good power.

    So basically BKD engine is a good swap. Plus I have no balancer shaft to worry about anymore :)

    Happy days. Oh and to the people that said it couldn't be done..... :D that is all :)
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