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hi guys advice please

tommyRS4 Jan 3, 2008

  1. tommyRS4

    tommyRS4 New Member

    hello everyone am new here and new to audi,s .I have a 2001 RS4 B5 with a stage 1 tune +exhaust,K/N induction kit and forge recirc dump valves .I am a serious track day fan and have been to quite a few track day,s in the last few years inc the nurburgring .I have my first track day booked in the audi at bedford autodrome on the 2nd of feb. I dont no anything about the tech side of these cars and i would like to fit a new set of spark plugs to the car so does anyone know whats best for a car in this state tune? also would like to know what the oil temp should be when on track as when on the road it never seems to be more than 80degs any help would be appreciated !!:thumbsup:

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