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Hi, gearbox judder when pulling away in my auto avant??

simonavant May 24, 2009

  1. simonavant

    simonavant New Member

    Hi, I've come back to Audi after a 10 year gap (used to have a 1990 90 2.3e) and i've bought a 54 A6 Avant 1.9tdi auto.

    I love the car but when i pull away at a steady pace there's a slight judder which i presume is gearbox related, like a slight kangerooing you'd get from letting the clutch out too quick on a manual gearbox.

    If you i put my foot down and pull away fast it doesn't seem to happen.

    Any help or suggestions please as the cars still under warranty.


  2. Mindrunner

    Mindrunner Big Nuts Massive Spanners

    Hi,I had the same problem with my A6 2.7 1999 Manual, I had the clutch and flywheel changed and replaced the rear g/box mount which had snapped. I would check the rear mount first if thats fine then it will prob be flywheel judder.
  3. amimmortal

    amimmortal Member

    Is it a multitronic auto? If so, these gearboxes can be troublesome. They need oil changes every 40,000 miles so check to make sure it's been properly looked after.

    Do a search on here for CVT or multitronic and you'll find more info...

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