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hi from telford shropshire

chesh1980 May 9, 2011

  1. chesh1980

    chesh1980 New Member

    hi there to all forum users im chesh from telford and after using the site to do some research for modding my a3 t sport i thought it best to join and try and get a little more personal advice im a mobile mechanic and have my own plans on how to mod a car but this being my first audi i beleive the best people to point out problems i might run into would be yourselfs (other audi owners) and maybe be able to hand out a little wisdom myself over time yet again hello and hope to speak to some of you soon
  2. Sarah's A3

    Sarah's A3 MODERATOR V6 S3 Hybrid Staff Member Moderator

    Hiya and welcome along. Theres loads of helpful members on here so enjoy!

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