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Hi from newbie

timsp8 Mar 21, 2006

  1. timsp8

    timsp8 New Member


    My name is Tim. I'm a 40 yr old living in North Notts. Been registered here a while but not posted. I'm now the owner of a 2000W A6 2.7T Sport Quattro Tip Avant. First impressions are good. I'm not new to VAG products. My first car was a Polo coupe and my wife has had 2 fast Golfs. But this is my first Audi. It appears to do everything that I bought it for (space, speed comfort, image etc). Aim to keep it for a good few years, as I have with all my cars in the past, and the high mileage capability of Audi's was one of the other factors which made me choose the A6.

    I have a specific question about warranties which I'll ask in a separate post, but thought I'd introduce myself first

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