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Hi from a newbie -with extremely bad luck!!

nortsuk Jun 30, 2006

  1. nortsuk

    nortsuk New Member

    Hi all,

    Ive been casting my eye over the forums as a lurker since buying myself a gorgeous black 03 A3 2.0tdi Sport two and a half weeks ago. Absolutely stunning car, the one i have wanted for the past year, and was pointed in the direction of the forum by a guy when i was out giving it its first wash in front of my house in Grimsby.
    (Cant remember his name, but he'd just bought a silver A3 3.2 quattro that week too and asked how i was getting on which was nice!)

    Anyway, the bad luck started last week with a slow puncture in front nearside that went down slowly during the day, then completely overnight. Took it for a new tyre as the hole was in the sidewall and couldnt be repaired. Got a michelin to match the others for £117...only to inspect the wheel and to find the grease monkey had used the wrong socket and smashed his air gun all over the alloy.

    After the red mist and fist waving settled, the company agreed to have it repaired.

    Next day, im driving down from Bridlington for work, and emissions warning light comes on. Whizz the car to Hull audi, plugs it into computer and apparently the coolant sensor has had enough. Booked into Grimsby Audi for next week as its a warranty job. Thought that would be the end of the bad luck....

    Now today, was on the way to Mablethorpe for work, when BANG - lorry going past on the A18 throws up a rock which slams straight into the windscreen in the middle of the passenger side. I just looked at it and laughed and shook my head - if i didnt id cry!

    Oh, and the emissions warning light came back on while driving back home.:banghead:

    Cant quite believe all this in less than three weeks. Starting to think my dream car is jinxed! Its still an amazing car though (and just about still love it to bits!)

    Anyone any ideas what to do for the windscreen? Should i ring Audi first to see if they can do anything? And is there variations between the windscreens from other companies? Mine seems to have green tint with a shaded band at the top???

    Cheers! (and sorry, i had to get this all off my chest. Grr!)

    A new audi driver!:racer:
  2. steeve

    steeve Well-Known Member TeamMisano Team Ibis Audi S3

    Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your run of bad luck ......... its just got to get better soon (hasnt it?)

  3. mikep

    mikep Member

    Autoglass sorted my side window out, exact match with the rest of the car, it was an Audi part, so it should match!

    Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your run of bad luck.

    Stick with it, they're great cars, HONEST!!!
  4. Adams3

    Adams3 Member

    Welcome to the forum, sounds like a bad few weeks mate. Thats the three things now though, bad things come in three's!!

    Lets hope it all gets better from here on in!!
  5. icenutter

    icenutter Member

    I think every car I've ever bought has started out with a few teething problems, it does get better in the long run!

    The Citroen Xantia my dad had a few years ago was pretty unlucky; it had 2 rear end shunts (one of which kinked the roof skin and stopped the offside rear door shutting), a pallet of concrete reinforcement metal dropped on it (father was an Architect), new door for a parking scrape, new wing and headlight after hitting a pheasant at about 70mph etc etc
  6. nortsuk

    nortsuk New Member

    Cant believe it, but the jinx has struck again!!

    Got into my car yesterday after work, it had been parked on the street. Noticed the wing mirror had been knocked back so it had been folded in. Put it back and thought nothing of it.

    Anyway, had a look today - and there is a scrape mark on the rear wheel arch, a lovely white colour, along with a couple of marks on the wing mirror. Someone in a white car obviously wasnt too hot on the reverse parking, nor were they too hot on being honest and leaving details...:mad:

    Looks like i'll be getting that sorted too at the local scratch match when the alloy goes in now...

    Please, if there is a god, no more!!!

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