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Hi Everyone

EmilGevor Apr 28, 2011

  1. EmilGevor

    EmilGevor New Member

    Hi my name is Emil and i am audiholic. (Hi Emil)
    It all begun when my friends day sold me his 1997 A4 2,8 back in 2007. I loved that car but relationship was falling apart... She wouldnt put out and just stood there on the lot each time i tried to make a move on her. Things were not working out between us. I met a new love about a year later. She was much younger and had much more potential (2000 S4) we fell in love from the first sight and my ex moved on with my brother. I was on love and spoiled the girl. Bought her all the nice things like Giac93 and pair of DVs to go with it, Euro tail lights, Ecode headlights with 55w 5000k kit, 3000k HID fog mod, chrome mirror covers, full interior LED kit with license plate bulbs. Recently bought her 18" BSA high heels with new rubber and a 14816 magnaflow muffler( she likes shiny things). She is very loud maybe because I bought her a 12" Kicker L7 in a ported box and powered it with a kenwood excelon 1600w mono amp. We been together for the past 2 year and I am starting to realize that she just uses me for money... What a BITCH! But I love her and can't let her go so I join all these therapy forums to learn more about these money hungry women who suck us nice guys in and drain our wallet. So with all this being said. Hello I am Emil and i am a sucker for German girls.

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