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Hi everyone

Bronze Aug 12, 2010

  1. Bronze

    Bronze New Member

    Hey everyone I'm a newbie to the Audi brand. I've had VW's for the last 10 years (MK1 Cab and a Polo GTI).

    I recently bought a 2001 AMK Audi S3 in ming blue....




    Not the best pics sorry taken off my phone. The BBS CH reps are new. I want chrome wing mirrors and coilovers to complete the look.

    Cam belt first though in next couple of weeks (it was done at 60K, now on 88K but coming up to 4 years) and I think it's the tensioner that is making a vibration noise :blush:

    I'm 32 from Newport and have been meaning to join for a few weeks now. Top forum by the way with lots of useful information :cool:

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