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hi..audi a3 standard stereo..wheres the amp!?

rickstar Feb 11, 2008

  1. rickstar

    rickstar New Member

    hi there, i have jus brought an audi a3 1.8 T on a S plate.i was pleased to see that it has 4 bose speakers,but apparently there are powered by an amp in the car which i cannot find?
    Also since i have put in my old pioneer head unit in the two rear speaker channels coming from the audi are not workin but they were before.the sub is also not workin and i am not sure if it was working before.
    i wired the connector plug to my wires from the head unit and plugged it into the cars plug..(no rear speakers)the rear speaker wires coming from the head unit work when i put them into the front speaker connection...so all the front and back wires from the headunit are working but i still have no rear speakers?or sub,so iam guessing its the rear channel but from inside the audi?
    so 1; is the standard sub worth keeping?
    2;I have a pioneer sub i may install,can i run it from the audi amp?if so where is it lol!?
    3: why have the rear speakers(and possibly sub) stopped working?
    4: Can i comfortably fit 17inch wheels to standard suspension? can vw wheels go on?

    thank u for ur time ..i hope u can solve my frustraitng headache!
  2. ash_s3

    ash_s3 Active Member

    The amp is in the boot, in the driver's side cubby hole (opposide the sub)
    The standard sub is cack and vibrates like hell (speak to andymac)
    The rear speakers need an adaptor to work off your Pioneer as theyre powered from the sub, sounds like you dont have Bose though as the bose amp amplifies all four speakes (i think - not 100%)
    check your sub, if its got an audi logo on the grill and its just one big driver its not a bose system, if theyre 2 separate drivers and it says Bose on it then its Bose
    VW wheels will fit aslong as they 5x100 NOT 5x112 and will be fine with standard suspension (will look high though)
  3. rickstar

    rickstar New Member

    kool so can i wire my new sub straight to the standard amp?
    What wheels are on your audi? are the off a TT?
    also whos andy mac lol.

    thanks for your help
  4. ash_s3

    ash_s3 Active Member

    Yeah theyre TT reps mate
    AndyMac is the car hifi know-it-all on here! He knows the audi systems pretty well and makes a custom stealth MDF sub box to replace the ***** plastic one.
    Im sure you can run the standard speakers you just need a special adaptor from your local car audio shop to power up the amp, should cost about £20

  5. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Yes if the fronts are working then you don't have Bose. All speakers run off the Bose amp on a Bose system. On the "non Bose" just the rear and sub are seperately amplified, which is why yours aren't working. The amp for the rears/sub is inside the tupperware sub enclosure. You would be best off ditching the Audi tupperware sub a it is beyond ****.
    Rewire the rears directly to the Pioneer and install a proper sub. Ypou can pick up the feed to the rears from the red plug on the tupperware sub. Here's the pin outs on the connector:

    Just use the pins for left rear (+ve & -ve) and right rear (+ve & -ve). This will save you having to remove both speaker panels to get to the wiring. Then run new cable back to the HU and connect to the rear speaker output on the Pioneer. You'll also need the powered antenna adapter to feed power to the aerial amp.
  6. rickstar

    rickstar New Member

    wooo..oooook that sounds quite technical lol ! i have a seperate amp which could power my new sub....
    so..do u think its best if i ditch the standard sub/amp and run a new wiring system to power my new amp and sub which will be in the boot.
    Then how do i run my rears to my HU with out taking my interior apart? I disconnect the red connector from the tubber box and...thats where i get lost with that picture..do i feed speaker wire into left and right rear and run it back to the HU? where would you run the speaker wire back to the HU?
    And the aerial amp? what is that? sorry to be a dummy ! i am going to go to a audio shop today and want to no what bits i need?
    thanks again
    i also brought and aerial adapter that plugs into the headunit from the old one so my tuner is working fine which means i dont need an aerial amp?
  7. Pmol66

    Pmol66 Member

    iv come accross this same problem.
    iv got all the tools but lacking the know how lol...
    iv found that red loom pin. do i leave it disconected and run 4 wires from the 'left rear (+ve & -ve) and right rear (+ve & -ve).' to the HU?
    if so, where do these 4 wires go. iv got the Hu out, im just unsure where to put them.
    it looks like the loom pin has been messed with in the past and there is already a booster fitted with remote wired up.

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