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Hi and what a great forum!

scr8pdo Sep 8, 2013

  1. scr8pdo

    scr8pdo Member

    My name is Steve, I live up on the outskirts of wigan near jct 24 M6, Iam originally from East London / Essex, Ive always been into motors, my dad showed me how to rebuild an engine at 10, it was an old Vauxhall Viva engine but it learned me the basics of how engines operate plus touque setings etc.

    When I left school I went on YTS but they took the pee out of me because while the other YTS lads were sweeping up and making tea they had me fitting clutches and timing belts (because I was capable) I had worked as a Saturday boy in a scrapyard and service centre since i was 13/14, since then I have worked in many garages as a fitter/mechanic, also ran a car spares shop selling 2nd hand and new parts fora good while then some fast fit like ATS, I also lived in the isle of man for a good while and still have lots o family there, I then developed a rare disorder with both my hips and need 2 full replacements so I went solo with 3 recovery trucks doing scrap and recovery then the price of scrap dropped like a bomb plus my legs were making it nigh on immposible for work so had to stop. They are reluctant to fit them new hips at my age (35) plus ive a multitude of other health problems, type 1 Diabetes, Asthma recurring DVTs and recently fell on my crutches causing a brain haemoragge and heamatoma so not in too good shape at mo but ticking by now I cant get my painkillers till Wednesday so thats when I want to start on the car, anyway thanks for a great forum and source of info, Ste :)
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  2. hillsyxvii

    hillsyxvii Member

    Sorry to hear about all your tough times. Everybody here at ASN is awesome. Always willing to help and give great advice whenever needed.
    Best of luck with the future. Look forward to seeing your future posts.
  3. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Hi Steve, welcome to aud-sport.net. Sorry to hear about your health issues, hopefully you will be better and on the road to recovery soon. What car do you have at present? Im glad your enjoing the forum, we have an enormous amount of information and lots of friendly people on here. I hope you enjoy and i look forward to seeing you around the forum, :) x

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