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  1. Allen

    Allen Member

    Sort of new to the forum. Made a couple of posts so thought I should say hi... Hi

    I now own a A4 Avant B5 1.9tdi Quattro Sport with seem to be like poo from a rocking horse

    Owned a Integra DC5 before this, which really was my pride and joy.
    Spent alot of time and money keeping her looking her best.
    Bit of a change I know but after getting a dog an estate seemed the way to go. Plannin on moving up to the B7 3.0TDI in the future.

    Dont have pics of my Audi so some of my Teg...

    The car I left behind...




    The little (not so much now) guy that caused it...


  2. Purple Princess

    Purple Princess Moderator Moderator

    Welcome to the site! I dont know which one to cooo over first lol. The car is stunning and the dog is a cutie we have 3 and they love the back of the A3, My partner always wanted an estate so we can take the dogs out!! Its not a good enought excusse as we live 2 mins away from the park!!

    Anywho enjoy the site

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