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Hi all :)

Nez Dec 24, 2008

  1. Nez

    Nez Member

    Hi all just get around the forum and want to say hi to all the member of the fourm I am register in BMW Performance Forum as I used to have a
    BMW 328i 238 BHP but now I am owner of a lovely S4 1999 Audi:s4addict: so far I am very happy with it :)

    Everything is standard in the car :blackrs4: Exp the Dump valves that I just fitted TWIN FORGE SPLITTER SPLIT-R DUMP VALVE BOV other then that everything else is standard but not for long :) there are alot of plans for it and alot of helps from you guys to make it to the highest standard :)

    I don't have much plans for the body but I do love to get a RS4 front bumper if its possible to fit it into the S4 and RS4 Rims.

    On the engine I just want a Custom Remap and a Sport Cat back thats all :)

    Any ways don't want to take you guys time so see you guys around :)
  2. gary319y

    gary319y New Member

  3. Nez

    Nez Member

    Thanks alot :)

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