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Hi All, new guy on the block looking for some help with Audi Customer Service

63neil Dec 12, 2006

  1. 63neil

    63neil Hugh Jardon

    Hi everyone, :salute:

    My Sept 2003 A3 2.0tdi sport 3dr has just developed the dreaded Dashboard fault. All dials are dead save for a few warning lights. Checked the car in with the local dealer and they are sucking their teeth as the car is just out of warranty. They are at least going into bat for me with Audi UK but it is not looking hopeful, but the bill is looking pretty healthy to them £570.

    Anyone else had this problem, I know it was covered by BBC Watchdog sometime ago with little conculsive outcome other that Audi ostrich syndrome.

    I intend to take a robust stance that a dahsboard is for life not for Christmas and that it is not a service item. In 20 plus years of driving I have never had such a failure.

    However I would welcome any support, contact names and details for Audi UK so that I may escalate this issue if needed.

    Other than that I have previously owned a tricked MK IV Golf which was chipped and oettinger bodykit from new. I sold that on with 150k on the clock. Had a MK 1 Merc SLK, great to look at **** to drive hard. Currently got a Merc E320cdi estate, great for booze cruise to france. And if course the A3 which I bought 2nd hand and is a great tool, I do about 20-30k a year it has all the bits I need and few more and has halved my running costs when compared to the golf.

    Many thaks for reading my tale of woe and I loom forward to your posts.

    Great site

    Neil aka (Hugh Jardon think about it............) :blush:
  2. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    thought it was the TT that had well-known dashboard faults - never heard of them on an A3
  3. Castro

    Castro New Member

    I had exactly the same fault on my 2001 A3. The cluster is a Magnetti Marelli pile of garbage which I believe was the same unit used in Audi TTs. Essentially all the dials are dead except for a few warning lights. Sometimes it bursts into life, usually when warm but the needles are usually jerky in movement.
    The dealer was quoting something ridiculous like £800 but I found an independent VAG parts guy who did exchange unit clusters for £250 (you hand your old one in to be rebuilt and take a new one). I took it to Fontain motors in Iver, Middx and they charged me 1hr labour (@£65) to fit and code my keys to the new cluster.

    This was almost 2 years ago, I'm surprised there hasn't since been a class action lawsuit levelled at Audi UK for this.
  4. 63neil

    63neil Hugh Jardon

    Hi Castro and Steve184,

    I have dropped the necessary documents off at the Stealers this AM to progress matters. Apparently they have been negotiating on my behalf with Audi UK for a contribution to the repairs. The total bill has now reduced from £570 to £212, but I am still not happy.

    After all a Dashboard is for life not just for Christmas, its part of the cars DNA, identity and security. It should never fail, and certainly I cannot abuse it like perhaps other service type items. so why should I pay.

    So I am about to call Audi UK Customer Services as advised by the Stealer and see if I can do better. If not its Watchdog, SMMT, Trading Standards and Small Claims Court.

    I am sick to the back teeth of **** Manufacturers and Stealers. I have spent the summer arguing with Mercedes regarding an engine fault on my E320cdi. It necessitated the engine removal strip down and the replacement of a piston and crank shells. After 7 months I got satisfaction, and at nothing near the £7000k top end estimate that they quoted for the work. :whip:

    Thanks again guys, more later....

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