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hi, a3 owners in here

a3ndy_m Jun 24, 2011

  1. a3ndy_m

    a3ndy_m New Member

    hi all, I am currently looking for some inspiration and information on audi a3's as I am looking to buy one soon :) I am turning 21 this year and will have 3 years NCB with one company and 1 year NCB on another insurance company as I changed to allow modifications. Used to drive a 1.2 16v clio, but when that had some problems I sold it and temporarly drive a 1.4 polo.

    would like an audi a3 next. probably the 1.6 or 1.8T. my parents both drive audi's (a4 and a6) and I think they're good cars. I am into the modifying seen (not chav type but more euro look) and if anyone would like to post pictures up that would be great.

    Also are these cheap to insure, Ive been quoted around £800 if thats good? and are they reliable.


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