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Hey Hey from Oxfordshire

Grangey. May 17, 2011

  1. Grangey.

    Grangey. Member


    Im Grangey, Ive been a Honda boy since I passed my test and just started looking at new cars due to needing some better mpg and suddenly Ive fallen head over heals for B6's!! So Ive put my car up for sale and aim to get one as soon as mine has gone!

    I still clearly have a lot to get my head around, like all the variations bodywise the 1.9tdi came in, and whether Im better off getting a cheap basic model and adding things like the S-line kit and interior etc to it, or spending more outright but getting one with it already done. Also things like which models can accomodate double din headunits, and how to convert those (if possible) that start off with single din! Anyway, im hoping these forums will have the answers to all these as I keep digging, so just wanted to say hi!

    Grangey :)
  2. jackj

    jackj Member

    Welcome to ASN and good luck with the search

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