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hey guys newbie from manchester

dan786 Mar 26, 2012

  1. dan786

    dan786 New Member

    hey guys thought id say hi . got myself a 2009 s3 s tronic last month and have to say i am loving it. had an r32 before. do miss it but the s3 is deffo a better ride and smoother then the golf. had a blue flame cat back non res exhaust fitted 3 weeks ago and it sound great. my mate also has his own remapping and diagnostic company in manchester he did my remap for me uses dimsport remaps wasnt too sure about it at first but have to say it really has made a big difference and very happy always used dms remaps in the past but im happy with this aswel.will get some pics up.. ordered some kw coilovers and a forge twintake cai will get pics up of that ones there on sometime towards the end of the week too. :)
  2. reepers

    reepers Member

    Welcome to a fellow mancunian :)
  3. BBlackburn

    BBlackburn Member

    Welcome, Nice list of mods planned there planning stage 2+ ?? Can't wait to see the pics make sure you do progress reports for each thing we all love a step by step on here pic heavy too.

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