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Hesitation Issues.........SOLVED???

ramos333 Nov 9, 2011

  1. ramos333

    ramos333 Member


    Guys and girls.

    Ive put together a few threads on this and even changed maps from Revo to MTM and the issue has still come back. I read on here the other day that another member had the same problem and after all the usual stuff of changing plugs, colis etc etc eventually they discovered it was a problem with the inlet manifold flap.

    I dropped my car off yesterday at Audi and printed the thread out to show the master tech. He took my car home and the issues were showing up. Just had a call to say the flap in the inlet manifold is sticking and the part is being replaced tomorrow under warranty.

    SO fingers crossed this may be the cause of my problems and maybe some of yours. Mine is a March 2011 S3.

    Cheers, Ramos
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  2. Brett Butler

    Brett Butler Member

    Not sure what your issues were as in the hesitation type, and when. But mine was solved 100% when I upgraded revo software map to version 10 from 9

    When you had MTM uploaded had you completely wiped the ECU to stock, 100% sure you removed revo) as I found my hesitation was still there when I turned my revo map to stock, just no where near as bad as when the map was turned on. This was what caused so much confusion, and everyone blamed the car and not the map.
  3. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    Nice one buddy... This is good news as I expect to get new S3 and worried about not being able to do any tuning due to this hasitation issue. You put some hope in my heart now:D. Hope this will solve it!
  4. ramos333

    ramos333 Member

    Lets hope mate! It's been going on for four months so I bloody hope so :)
  5. ramos333

    ramos333 Member

    Both 9 and 10 mate. Version 9 also had hesitations at a steady 80 which revo know about. The Revo used to throw a lot of black smoke out of the back which i believe has caused a carbon build up in the maifold. The MTM does not show the black smoke
  6. lil_coz

    lil_coz Active Member

    Hopefully you've finally got it sorted! Keep us posted.
  7. swatchuk

    swatchuk Member

    Just an update. My car is still running spot on after this flap sticking has been solved. Still a bit unsure what caused it to stick in the first place though as surely it's only air that goes through the inlet manifold??

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