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Hesitation - Fuel Filter housing (170 tdi)

Smithymartyn Feb 14, 2012

  1. Smithymartyn

    Smithymartyn Member

    Hi all,

    Well, after having issues with hesitation/jolting whilst my motor has been accelerating (2.5k - 4k rpm), I decided to have a go at changing the fuel filter.

    So, I undid the Torq screws on top, slowly lifted out the top and filter. Whilst doing so, the small plastic pipe that the filter appears to slot onto (under the top of the housing) snapped off! To add insult to injury, the parts store also supplied the wrong filter!

    Now we get to the dilemma, fearing the worst i.e. car not starting etc... I put the old filter back in (was in good condition), screwed the top back on and fired her up. Was a little slow in starting, but was fine in the end as are subsequent starts. The car is now running smoother than it ever has and there is no hesitation/jolting upon acceleration!! It's a miracle!!

    However, my concern now is that the filter isn't sitting right and it could well be damaging the engine. Priced up a new filter housing (can't buy just the top) and likely to cost me around £250 including labour.

    So what do I do, have it done or let it go as car is running great? Does anyone know if it will make the slightest bit of difference?


    2006 Sline Tdi 170 Quattro

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