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HELPPPPPP Bonnet Release Cable Snapped

imported_khuramz Jul 5, 2004

  1. Hi,
    ok now i'm really stuck in the mud i think the cable for my bonnet release has snapped, not sure how because the last time i used it everything was fine, now i just noticed the release lever was hanging loose. How can i open the bonnet now? would i have to get under the car? or do u think its soem kind of fotment for the actual lever that might have just coem loose and therefore its not providing the leverage required to pop the bonnet....

    i look forward to your responses...
  2. AndyMac

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    It runs along the inside of the front bumper where the grill is, so if you pull off the lower grill trim underneath the no. plate (it's just clipped on), you might be able to get to it.
  3. thanx 4 ur reply, i was wrong the cable had not snapped, actually there is a small clip that the cable go's through before it attaches to the boonet release lever on the inside of the cabin well that clip had snapped....i have the clip any ideas how the cable is supposed to go through the clip and attach to the lever???

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