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  1. Lenaldo

    Lenaldo Member

    Ok then, so here's the dilemma. I'm up at one end of the country and the car i'm hoping to buy is at the other. I'm trying to negotiate via e-mail with the dealership and whilst a bit bizarre, this seems to be going ok.

    Here's the crunch bit - i'm thinking that it's a bit of a risk doing this and shouldn't i really be getting something a bit lower spec but from round the doors?


    Wanted car is 54 plate S-Line DSG 2.0 TDI.

    Car i could get here for same cash would be used Sport with no DSG.

    I really want the spec but there is no way i could get the time off work to travel the 500 plus miles there and back to firstly look at the car to confirm it's ok.

    I've also been asked about distance selling regs by the dealership and that they would be willing to get the car up to me as long as there are certain conditions in place - any idea what these would be?

    Thanks in advance and hopefully i'll be on this site a lot more if this whole deal comes off in the right way!!!!!

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