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HELP! your chassis number wanted to solve Concert stereo problem!

tottenhouse Feb 21, 2013

  1. tottenhouse

    tottenhouse New Member

    Hi folks

    Do you have a Concert stereo with rear speakers & sub/amp in the boot? If so, you might feel like helping me.

    I am trying to upgrade the wiring on my 2011 sportback so that i can upgrade to the Concert head unit i bought on ebay from my Chorus system (which has front speakers only). I tried Audi, but they cannot recommend upgrades and only specify replacement parts. As my car was not fitted initially, part details are not available on the system. The parts guy was helpful & said if I could provide a chassis number for a car with the wiring loom that I want to add he should be able to get one for me.

    A chassis number would be much appreciated. Another wee thing that would be appreciated is the part number on the sub enclosure as I have looked at a few and the numbers are slightly different :-/

    Thanks in advance.


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