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Help With Xenons!?

MIKE2.0T Jun 2, 2010

  1. MIKE2.0T

    MIKE2.0T New Member

    Hello All,

    Only my second post so go easy on me. I am seriously considering buying a 2005 reg A4 Avant with what is being described as Xenon + Headlights. I know what Xenons are but what are Xenon +?

    Secondly, I have had a look at a few others with Xenons that appear to have a second button next to the light control on the right of the dash - what is this for as the car I am interested in does not have this?

    Lastly, we're driving to France this month, can I adjust the headlights myself?

    Thanks for any replies and help you can give, any buying tips would be brilliant as this is my first Audi (Am ditching the BMW!!)

  2. hazey7

    hazey7 Member

    Can you describe the 'second button next to the light control'? Mine has xenons, nowhere in the spec, are they called xenon +. I wonder if the fully adaptive xenons (ie, move up/down AND left/right) are called xenon+?

    Regarding controls, there are two little dial switches immediately to the left of the main rotary light control switch. The left-most control is the 'see you home' lighting control on/off, the other is the Daylight Running Light on/off control switch. I am pretty sure the 'see you home' lights are an option so maybe you won't see this on some cars.... hope this helps....
  3. Stepho

    Stepho Member

    Can't help with other questions but may be able to offer some advice on the question above. On my MkV R32 the Xenon lights were fitted with a switch inside the rear of the light casing which switched them from the UK to Europe settings, no idea if the A4 has a similar switch but may be worth a look.
  4. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    Xenon plus headlights provide a higher level of safety during night-time driving or in bad weather – with the added benefit of low power consumption. The large light arc with qualities similar to daylight has an enormous range. It produces wide illumination of the road ahead, allowing early recognition of obstacles.
    Xenon plus headlights are electronically controlled and use gas discharge lamps. The gas in the lamps has the inert gas xenon as its main constituent and is ignited by a high-voltage. The resulting arc is very bright and serves as an excellent light source to illuminate the road.
    The white colour of xenon light with a higher colour temperature is attributable to the fact that its spectrum is much closer to daylight than conventional halogen light. Furthermore, xenon plus headlights produce about twice as much light as comparable halogen headlights, and make night driving, particularly in poor weather, less tiring for the driver’s eyes. Other road users can be seen earlier. Xenon headlights provide better lighting of the road ahead with optimised lateral and forward illumination. To avoid dazzling oncoming traffic, the headlights are equipped with automatic headlight range control and a headlight washer system. Xenon plus headlights’ advantages also include a longer life than halogen systems and roughly 20 % lower power consumption.
    When the driver switches to main beam or back to dipped beam, an electromagnet is energised. Depending on the reflector type, this either repositions a gate in unison with the ellipsoidal reflector, or pivots the xenon burner. The large amount of light produced by the xenon arc permits dispersion of the main beam, combining a very large range with broad lateral illumination.

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