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Help with various mods

Tilly Mar 10, 2010

  1. Tilly

    Tilly New Member

    Hi guys, I'm new over to the forum and although I've tried using the search function I find a lot of people modding these are in the US and so I'm a bit worried to take things as gospel incase specs differ from our UK cars so if possible I'd like a little help from people in the UK for our specific market (sorry for being a bit anal, I just like things to be perfect)

    Basically I currently have a 2007 A4 2.0 TDi 170 Quattro S-Line special edition manual saloon (the later one with the 7 double spoke RS style alloys) and I'm looking to tidy it up a little here and there so have a few questions:

    Lowering... I understand the S-Line as standard is lower than some of the other cars. I'm looking to lower it approx 30/35 mm from where it is as standard. I'm only wanting to run with springs for the time being, no coilovers... been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I come mainly from a jap tuning background and in the past have been using Tein. What manufacturer do people tend to recommend for lowering springs on the A4 and does anyone know a good/cheap supplier in the UK?

    Remapping... Previously I have had an '08 plate A3 170 TDi S-Tronic and had a remap from Motorsport Developments in Blackpool (also known as evolution chips). I've used them in the past and always been happy but to be honest... I barely noticed a difference at all, it didn't feel like it was quicker, any different on fuel, nor much torquier. I'm wondering if this is because the ECU/traction control didn't like it with it being front wheel drive and maybe sensed slip or the S-tronic box didn't take kindly to it? So this time round I specifically went for a quattro for better traction etc however at 170PS it's gutless. Which remaps in the UK come the highest regarded? Are the APR maps really worth it or is it buying into the name? At £500 seems a bit steep in my eyes... who/what do you recommend?

    Wheels... These are most likely going to stay on the standard RS style 18's but potentially refurbed in a gun metal metallic however with the car lowered, I'd potentially like to space them out a little as at the mo the offset seems a bit shy. Anyone any idea what size spacers I can get away with (working on the idea of the car being lowered) without any catching issues.

    Lamin-x... I've seen both UK and US cars with this on. In the UK as far as I can see it only comes in two shades as far as black is conerned but it's also universal fit and I think I'd make a hash with the cutting it. I'm wanting to order pre cut kits from the states for the front and rear for ease. I want to go as dark as possible all round, within the american grades ie gunsmoke, smoked and charcoal, which is legal in the UK for a. headlights and b. tail lights as obvoiusly I still need everything to be clearly visible.

    HID's... any recommended kits?

    Rear diffuser/tailpipes... I used to have a B7 RS4 around two years ago and loved the rear end. Obviously this is never going to be, nor look like an RS for various reasons and I don't intend to try and make it however the back end is let down hugely by the ugly tailpipes on the diesel. I'm not feeling the style/lines of the non RS pipes with the small diffuser cutouts but as mentioned I don't want to adapt an RS replica look so I'm thinking along the means of a happy medium... I'm thinking of fitting an S4 rear diffuser as a happy medium and working with quad pipes so it's distinctly not an RS replica but looks okay, has anyone done this and is it an easy mod?

    Cheers for all the help guys. Hopefully I shall be sticking around and my background could come in useful for some :)
  2. Marrow

    Marrow Member

    Thats a lot of questions !
    Remap mine is 2.0t petrol and the remap made a huge improvement but cant help with refernce to your oil burner sorry.
    Suspension wise I want to lower mine too which is also an s-line using same set up your after the choice is limited really as far as I can see with H&R sport springs and eibach pros been the most popular choice but bare in mind s-line is 20mm lower than std A4 so what ever drop is quoted subtract 20mm to get your drop.

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