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97AUDIA418TQ Feb 25, 2004

  1. 97AUDIA418TQ

    97AUDIA418TQ New Member

    Ok, the engine light went on in my car. I had a quick VAG test for it which gave me P1136 17544. According to the repair manual (see image attached) it gives me a pretty wide range of possible issues. 1) Fuel in OIL (no, recently had oil change) 2) Fuel system pressue 3) MAF sensor 4) intake system problems 5) O2 sensor 6) EVAP.

    Someone told me this error is mostly caused from a faulty O2 sensor. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED. I really do not want to spend $65+ on a diagnostic to find out it IS just the O2 sensor, when i can just buy one now for $50 and replace it now. Is there anyway for me to narrow down what it might be?

    Also, how this happened... One day out of know where when i was turning a corner, the engine light came on. (No hard driving was ever done) Than about an hour later it went off. Did that for a few days and eventualyl went on and stayed on. I also took apart the air intake system and cleaned the MAF sensor (cleaned the pins on it) as well as all the plastic but it really didnt even need cleaning because though the whole system was extremmely spic and span. Also disconnted the battery to clear the error codes, but soon as the car when back on the road the engine light came on.

    Soo, again, any help / tips would be appreciated /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
  2. Gambba

    Gambba Active Member

    The code is related to a lean fuel mixture which could be true or false. It could be any of the items specified, but I would be inclined to first of bung some injector cleaner in the tank along with the highest octane fuel you can get, and see if any improvements are made. Next I'd remove the FPR and give it a clean up (just for the hell of it) and then following on from this disconnect the MAF and Lambda sensor and make sure the pins are good, and lube/protect if necessary. The favorites for this are the MAF and Lambda, as the MAF's are known to fail occasionally and it is the Lambda which is reporting the fault (so to speak).

    You could get an emmisions test done and if that also shows you're running lean then you know it's not the Lambda, where as if you're running right then you know that sensors had it. If you know anybody with VAG-COM get them to plug in and monitor the Lambda and MAF on a short run as this may indicate where the fault lies.

    Sorry there isn't a quick fix in the above. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif

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