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Help with the standard CD CHanger BOSE system in my S3 (57 plate)

Stuwhipps Nov 22, 2012

  1. Stuwhipps

    Stuwhipps Member

    Hopefully someone can help me - i have just bought an Audi S3 (2007 57 plate) with the Bose stereo and the CD Changer in the glove box, i have been looking at several options to enable me to be able to use the music from my iPhone rather than using the CD Changer as thats far too 90's for me !

    XCARLINK SKU919 AUDI A3 A4 S3 S4 RS4 Car iPod iPhone Interface Adaptor | eBay

    I have put a link to a system on eBay that seems to remove the CD Changer and use the connection that uses to enable you to play through that port via you iPod or iPhone, when i was in Audi yesterday the parts guy mentioned an Audi lead (approx £130)

    I guess this is similar to the Audi lead ?

    I dont want to spend loads of money yet on an RNSE unit with all the add-ons as i need to get my cambelt and water pump done and few other bits so its really a stop gap for the moment so the cheaper the better (i know copying CD's is the cheaper option) but i have over 15,000 tracks on my iTunes lol !
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    MrLapou Well-Known Member

  3. Stuwhipps

    Stuwhipps Member

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