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Help with the removal of my mk1 tt gear knob.

shellym Oct 17, 2010

  1. shellym

    shellym New Member

    Hi, trying to remove my tt gear knob without success, its the full alloy version and its now become a battle of wills!!! Ive undone everything thats needs unscrewing and am looking at the top of the gear box, I am able to turn the gear knob till its near the top of the gear stick, but it wont go any further and release. What am i doing wrong or what am i not doing????As i said its the full alloy version with the black plastic bit at the end. Also, and this is through reading other enteries on this site which tells me that this is very common with this gear knob, has anyone tried to remove the scratches themselves and has it been successful?? or is it easier to buy a new knob??? Again through reading various posts the forge big knob seems to come up a lot, how does it look when its in the car, does it detract from the TT look or does it enhance, it just looks too much of a handful for a girlie (me)!!!! NO PUN INTENDED.

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