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Help with RNS-E vs Aftermarket Decision...Views appreciated!

DaveyClark Aug 2, 2013

  1. DaveyClark

    DaveyClark Member

    Hey all,

    Whilst this 'style' of thread has no doubt been covered over the years, I find myself in a dilemma on choice... The car is a 56 plate S Line 170 TDI Sportback, from what I can tell it does NOT have Bose (as the speakers do not have the Bose logo on, I assume that means no Bose).

    One of the first things I do is change the car audio, nothing drastic, but just so I can play my iPod and make calls hands-free using bluetooth.

    The ORIGINAL plan (what I had set my mind to, until the other day when I started reconsidering it!) was;

    1 x Pioneer X3500DAB + all the usual stuff like fascia adaptor, wiring adaptors etc + Dab aerial - although I hate the look of interior windscreen aerials, call me pedantic but I hate the fact it's a bit of tape stuck to the windscreen and it looks pretty ugly in my opinion, plus I had one on my Leon and they were not great.
    So then I called a car audio place who can swap the 'Sharkfin' aerial for a 'Beesting' aerial which has DAB and FM (assuming this would work on my car of course, it would be a lot better) albeit an unknown cost to pull down the headlining to feed the wire through!

    So that, was Plan A - nice radio, plays iPod, artwork, bluetooth, Dab etc

    Although the faceplate cannot be removed on the Pioneer - so security would be a slight concern.


    Then, I found out the car actually HAS factory fitted Bluetooth, so suddenly I was not so keen on plugging a microphone halfway up the car A-Pillar (or across by rear mirror) and disconnecting a decent factory bluetooth system!

    So that led me to plan B...

    RNS-E whichever is the latest version LED or what-not, combined with a genuine AMI iPod Interface that sits in the glovebox, at a guess, I would just need to buy some kind of aerial adaptor and fit the GPS somewhere under the dash (pretty much what I used to do when fitting the RNS 510 to a Golf or Leon) and then everything would be nice and neat, factory fit, and the bluetooth would work nicely and could enable the Nav via VCDS.

    ... Except for DAB! So... I could then get an AutoDab and do the same as earlier, get the aerial fitted on the roof.

    This is probably a silly dilemma for some, but I can't seem to make up my mind, I know the RNS option will be more expensive overall, but will be factory fit, I am just not too keen on fitting aftermarket stereos in these cars, they never look as nice.

    Any views / any of you had to do similar, what did you choose in the end?

    I know the RNS used to get stolen a lot, but the way I figure is, if you fit a £350 Pioneer stereo (which does not have a face-off option) then they would probably steal that anyway so the theft element is probably equal on both!
  2. amit87

    amit87 Active Member

  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Jeff aka JDP1962 installed autodab with his unit, I had a chat with technical at autodab & they couldn't guarantee the mfsw would be as reliable, said it could be hit & miss, but others afaik have it working to a degree, but iirc Jeff uses the IR remote which works perfectly fine.

    We supply/fit the ami & rns units if of interest :)

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