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Help with rns-e,Bluetooth and shark fin.

Lewbo Feb 6, 2012

  1. Lewbo

    Lewbo Well-Known Member

    i recently bought 2008 8p2 s3 last week, car has audi symphony head unit, also has the shark fin on the roof and phone prep in the armrest, i thought the shark fin was bluetooth as my last car had shark fin and had bluetooth also had rnse. is the shark fin for the gsm prep cos i tried finding the bluetooth on my phone and couldnt pick it up.
    reason i am asking is cos i am really missing the rns-e and want to buy one and install myself, do the plugs from my current unit plug straight into the rns-e as i have bose, also would it be possible to use the shark fin as my signal for the nav, or do i need a new one or will the wires be there? also do i have to install a new antenna for the radio all help apprecited as i really miss the use of the sd cards, nav and just the look of the rns-e in my car

    thanks lewis

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