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Help with Rear Shock Absorbers on 2000 plate S3 (pre-facelift).

lloydsta101 Aug 30, 2011

  1. lloydsta101

    lloydsta101 Member

    Hi all,

    At my last MOT (3 months ago) I had an advisory that my OS Rear Shock Absorber had a light misting of oil on it, although it completely slipped my mind and has now reared it's head again. I had the car checked over last week (as I have been getting a loud creaking coming from the rear) and the Mechanic confirmed that it is indeed the Shocker.

    I've read before that they should really be changed in pairs, which I will do, but money is a bit tight at the moment and I will probably be selling the car in the next couple of months... so if I can help it I don't really want to pay top dollar for the replacement parts.

    Obviously eBay was the first place I checked, but there is only one new set listed on there and upon ringing to check fitment to the car was informed that they wouldn't fit. Strange, as their title reads 'Audi A3 QUATTRO S3 Rear 98-03 Shock Absorbers'. I also tried Euro Car Parts who said they didn't list any for my car... so where can I get them from? Do any Shock Absorbers from other cars fit (i.e. A3, Golf Mk4, TT, Leon, Octavia etc.)?

    Due to the S3 having 4WD and sports suspension, I don't really know what I'm looking for in terms of a standard replacement. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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