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Help with radiator fans on all the time 2.0 tdi 140

DSG TDI Jan 19, 2011

  1. DSG TDI

    DSG TDI Member

    Ok so first thing i did was google it found a few threads on hear and other forums but wanted some advice please.

    So yesterday i tried to start the car, i had driven it earlyer in the day and was fine but this time the battery was flat. Got a mate to jump start me and went home when i got home i realised the radiator fan was still on and wasent going off even after 10 mins. So i took it to my mates garage and we started to investigate it we took the connector apart for the fans and there was some corrosion but after cleaning the connecter up it was still on. we also coad read it but nothing really came up. The traction control light is also up on the clusters at times and pressing the button doesent do anything. Oh we did a diagnostics check on the sensors and they seemed to be working as they should.

    Last night insted of disconecting the battery i took out fuse F8 but this did not stop the fan but i touched the fan as it was going very slow and it stopped. When i went out this morning it was not turning and the car started fine so i dont think it was on atall last night.

    So if anyone has any info would be great is it my fans control unit or something else thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2011
  2. PH1L

    PH1L Gievf Buckets

    its a diode in the fan that goes, new fan unfortunatly, common fault. your traction control light will probably be a wheel speed sensor or the abs ring on the hub
  3. DSG TDI

    DSG TDI Member

    well the traction control light has never been a problem since this fan thing so im hoping its something to do with that. So it def the fans then?.
  4. DSG TDI

    DSG TDI Member

    hopefully il be getting the new fans later me and my friend were going to connect up the new fans with out fitting them to see if that fan runs constantly. The fan should only come on if the engine is hot right?.
  5. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    As said either fan unit or coolant senders.
  6. sijones

    sijones Member VCDS Map User

    Not quite.. small fan is on when Aircon is being used, not sure how cold it has to be but I do know mine will come on when I have started the car but not sure when it's winter!

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