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Help with identifying a part in ELSAWIN / ETKA

ritmark May 8, 2005

  1. ritmark

    ritmark Member


    Really Really need some advice guys
    My ABS longditudinal sensor has gone in my 2000 S3 210BHP which I have had for 2.5 years

    I have spent hours going through EKTA and ELSAWIN and think I have found the right part but I am not 100% certain and I have a choice of 2

    1 costs about £60 the other £300 ( through VAG spares )and audi have told me it costs about £500 - audi part only ?? but wont release the part number to me or my usual garage

    VAG spares obviously need the part number.

    It would help if I felt confident to pull the car to bits to locate these parts but I am a little out of touch having last worked on MK2 escort some 18 years ago

    Anyone out there able to lend a hand ? - I really dont want to waste money on ordering the wrong part

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