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Help with Fault Codes

Daniel Storey Apr 28, 2011

  1. Daniel Storey

    Daniel Storey New Member

    I am looking to buy an A3 3.2 Quattro DSG and had an RAC check done. The engineer reported that when using the paddle shift in lower gears in was unresponsive but do move up and down. I only drove the car is auto mode and didn't notice any problems with gear selection. I have since then asked the dealer to produce a diag report which confirms no DSG problems. One fault code which is interesting though is

    18 - Steering Wheel Electronics
    02143 008
    Selector lever locked in position P switch -F319
    Implausible signal

    Can someone share some more light on this fault. Is this the paddle shift or the "Control Module for Steering Column Electronics (J527)" that RossTech wiki suggests? Any help would be appreciate as this is the only thing from stopping me buying the car at the moment.



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