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help with fault codes please

teknik Oct 29, 2011

  1. teknik

    teknik New Member

    hello there iv got a alarm not disarming and the lock wont unlock the central locking from the doors ..but work from the boot and i have airbag light on and have codes from it

    here ya go
    please sumone help the cars gonna get the baseball bat
    alarm centrol locking
    1360 switch to anti theft alarm open
    29-00 short to cround

    01044 control module incorrect coded
    00594 airbag igniter circuits
    01216 seat occupent sensor . passanger side airbag (g178)
    00656 seat occupied sensor passanger side (g128)

  2. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    Edited your title as I suspect it not due to unwillingness but more nobody has an answer....

    First thing... these are codes from VCDS or some other code readre as tbh they are not very informative and people are less likely to respond if they don't recognise the issue you are having...

    Secondly, always check your codes here first as that is where most of us will look (including me) anyway...
    Category:Fault Codes - Ross-Tech Wiki

    Now then...

    ...this is missing a 0 from the number (01360) and isn't listed in the VCDS wiki so I used Google...
    Central Locking & Alarm help!!! - Audi Forums

    Found that one...
    01044 - Ross-Tech Wiki

    Not one I am familiar with but the page has some suggestions on it and failing that have a google...

    Again not listed but (google to the rescue again..)
    VWVortex.com - Airbag Light & Heater Core Failure Link Found!!

    The above two are not listed but would appear that these are all airbag related and leads me to suspect there could be a common problem to all of these... maybe water ingress in the passenger footwell as a lot of the wiring for this stuff is there...

    I would be looking at wiring issues etc and certainly to see if there is water getting in somewhere..

  3. teknik

    teknik New Member

    jesus thats along one and thankyou for your help ..but non of it makes much sense to me to be honest
    misses is setting the alarm off all the time gonna go and disconext the battery and see it that helps

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