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Help with Dension Install...

Nanz Jul 17, 2012

  1. Nanz

    Nanz Member

    Hey guys

    I have an Audi A3 2006 with a Concert II Bose system (Single Din).

    I really want an Aux output so that I can play music from my phone & other mp3 players. I'm looking at getting either the iGateway or the Gateway 300 and I would like to ideally have the Aux cable come out the bottom of the center console.

    Firstly, is this possible? If not I guess I have to have the Aux Cable sit in the glovebox.

    Are any of you available to do an install in the London area? If so, what cost am I looking at for the labour?
  2. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    Yes its entirely possible but in terms of space.. I'd imagine you would have to secure the dension to the back of the glove box... in terms of a London fitter... I would stay away with Car Audio Security as they are useless and have a tendency to mess things up... but I know people who recommend them thoroughly as well! So mixed reviews but why leave it to chance? It's really easy to do yourself that I wouldn't bother paying the extra for it... if you're not sure then post pics/ask for more advice.

    Andymac fitted mine to the back of the glovey... IIRC the double din head units like the concert ii are quad lock iso... so make sure you get the right one! It's a plug and play jobby.

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