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Help with codes please

addamsmith Jun 29, 2006

  1. addamsmith

    addamsmith New Member

    Hi Guy's
    I bought a Autoscanner U280 VW/ Audi code reader today and read some codes off,
    My wifes A4 1995 automatic non turbo,
    These codes come out. can anyone please tell me if there bad and how to repair them please.

    00532/P1746 Transmission Control module relay-supply voltage B+ Malfuntionlow battery or bad ground.

    00670/ Trottle control switch-E45- Underfined switch position

    01119/ Transmission shift range gear position signal

    16500/PO116 Engine coolant circuit-range/performance problem

    16711/PO327 Knock sensor #1 circuit-low input (bank 1 or signal

    16716/PO332 Knock sensor #2 circuit-low input (bank 2

    16885/PO501 Vehicle speed sensor-range/performance

    17733/P1325 cylinder #1 knock control limit attained

    17734/P1326 cylinder #2 knock control limit attained

    17735/P1327 cylinder #3 knock control limit attained

    17736/P1328 cylinder #4 knock control limit attained

    18010/P1602 power supply (B+) terminal 30-low voltage

    There was also another one which i could not find 17978 if anyone can help please.

    Can Anyone please help me and tell me if these are bad and how I can repair them eg: part numbers, where they can be found on my car.
    Any help I would really appreciate heap's.

    Thanks in advance
    Best wishes
  2. FezzR

    FezzR Member

    with that many faults listed ( some just indicate flat battery /been disconnected) i would be inclined just to clear them all out and monitor and see what comes back
  3. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    definatly clear them first, run it for a few days and see what re appears then
  4. addamsmith

    addamsmith New Member

    Thank's Guy's
    I cleared them today and I will wait.

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