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Help with buying an A3 Sportback

TLE Dec 13, 2012

  1. TLE

    TLE New Member

    Hi there,

    First off - hello, as I'm new to this forum. I currently own a 2005 A3 3dr 'Special Edition' and I'm looking to change it for a newer Sportback.

    I have found 2 cars I'm interested in (both in blue, about the same price & have around the same mileage):
    1. 1.4 tfsi Sport - manual - symphony radio - cloth interior - climate control
    2. 1.4 tfsi SE - auto - chorus radio - beige leather interior - air conditioning
    Can anyone answer these questions for me to help decide which to buy:
    • Is the 1.4 tfsi better with a manual or automatic 'box? Is the speed / MPG affected?
    • Is there a difference between the symphony & chorus radio systems?
    • I currently have climate control in my A3; how much of a difference is it not to have it & just have air-con?
    • Based on the limited information above, which of the two cars would you go for?

    I realise I've posed a lot of questions, but all help is much appreciated!



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